La vita di ora

Che fine ha fatto la vita di prima? Io non la trovo. Non mi ricordo come ero, cosa provavo. Guardo indietro, alla me del prima, e non riesco a mettere a fuoco. Non la sento me. Non ho indossato tutte le scarpe che ho comprato e che sembravano indispensabili. Non ho incontrato le persone che... Continue Reading →

When I got my first blood test in New York

I got my first blood test in New York. I went to a cosy and shabby lab in the Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint, in Brooklyn. The laboratory is run by a lady with blonde hair and blue eyes, clearly Polish. She took my personal data and also made the blood draw. From the first moment... Continue Reading →

Spring 2020

My neighbor is a white boy in his thirties. He always wears a hat. Always. He could be American, or from Northern Europe. His house is right in front of mine. Today he cleaned it all up. Even the windows. While I am writing this, he is folding the laundry that has just been removed... Continue Reading →

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