When I got my first blood test in New York

I got my first blood test in New York. I went to a cosy and shabby lab in the Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint, in Brooklyn. The laboratory is run by a lady with blonde hair and blue eyes, clearly Polish. She took my personal data and also made the blood draw. From the first moment... Continue Reading →

Staying home, far from home.

The worst moment of all this, from down here, is when you Italians go to sleep. Although for many of you the midnight has almost become dawn, that's when everything sinks and leaves room for a reflective and three-dimensional silence that smacks of helplessness and fear. Photo by Christian Lue

Spring 2020

My neighbor is a white boy in his thirties. He always wears a hat. Always. He could be American, or from Northern Europe. His house is right in front of mine. Today he cleaned it all up. Even the windows. While I am writing this, he is folding the laundry that has just been removed... Continue Reading →

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