How nice are noises, sometimes…

In these days of social distance, I have often paid attention to noises. ‘What noise do my two cities have in common?’ I thought. The washing machine that spins? Yes. Definitely yes. I closed my eyes and I felt the scent of the detergents that my mother uses, even the ecological ones that smell less and I always point it out to her. Ambulances? No. Here they sound different. The Roman ones are sweeter, calmer, more tired, more Roman. The ones in New York grind your ear and trigger you even if you are on the sofa, these are… more New Yorkers. The noise of the skateboard on the sidewalk? No. Skateboarding is not common in Rome. Cars horn? Yes. Hysterical both here and in Rome. The ticking of the gas for cooking? Yes. It’s the same system and reminds me when I make coffee in Rome. Just the coffee, yeah, because I hardly cook at my parents’ house. The bikes that speed? Yes. The shutters that lower? No. Here there are no shutters, but curtains. And I like it more. Because lowering a shutter is more definitive, it tastes like goodbyes. A curtain that closes instead tastes more like a see you later, and makes you feel less alone. Loud music from the machines? No. Here is always Reggaeton. In Rome mostly electronic or commercial music, I would say. The construction sites? Yes. When toddlers cry? Yes. When dogs bark? Yes. The ferry boat siren? No. I never hear it in Rome. But here, I can hear it from home. And I like it. Sometimes I forget that the water near which I live comes from the ocean, and the sound of the siren, like it or not, smells like the sea. The noise of cutlery? Yes. Applause? Yes. An applause can have many sounds but two clapping hands make the same noise everywhere.
And then there is the silence. Which is never the same. Because when you notice it you have already dirtied it with thoughts, and thoughts are never the same. Even if they seem so. They follow us in the change we undergo without realizing it minute by minute. With discretion. Apparently without making too much noise.

Pic by Federico Enni


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