Getting used to …

Human beings are born to get used to stuff. No matter how long it takes but they will eventually get used to stuff.

For example, I hate changes, I hate not having control of the present, yet I am able to get used to stuff too. I got used to having an intolerance for milk. I got used to having new moles on my skin and I have always hated moles and spots. I got used to running even though I have always hated the feeling of the pumping heart. I got used to expressing myself in another language. I got used to fighting in another language. I got used to dreaming in another language. I got used to miles, to pounds, oz, cups, and Fahrenheit degrees (Mmm, honestly, not to Fahrenheit degrees yet). I got used to asking how someone is doing without waiting for an answer. I got used to the feeling of not having stuff under control at all. I got used to living every day in the same way. I got used to seeing my parents through a screen. I got used to drinking tea instead of cappuccino every morning. I got used to patience. I got used to caring less about what people think of me and more about how those people make me feel. And if I manage to get used to stuff, everyone else can.

But there is stuff I think we shouldn’t ever get used to once we’ll be able to push the button ‘resume’:

I won’t get used to the sunset, to the full moon, to the heart pumping for whatever reason, to a night in a restaurant, to a stroll with my love, to hugging and staying in that hug for a bit. And I will dance without caring if it looks sassy, sexy, cocky, silly, I won’t get used to resting when my mind and my body ask for it. I won’t get used to time running, I will actually try to run faster than him to try to catch it, even if my heart will start pumping overwhelmingly.


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