When I got my first blood test in New York

I got my first blood test in New York. I went to a cosy and shabby lab in the Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint, in Brooklyn. The laboratory is run by a lady with blonde hair and blue eyes, clearly Polish. She took my personal data and also made the blood draw. From the first moment I saw her I knew she wouldn’t hurt me. She has painted on her face that expression of those who have been through a lot of shit, you know? Those who are strong yet haven’t stopped feeding their soul with tenderness. After the blood test she gave me a paper glass, a vial, and said with unmistakable Eastern accent “go to the bathroom, pee, and put it in here”. That sounded weird and akward to me. I tell her that in Italy we usually collect the urine at home and that it must be the first pee of the morning, and then we bring the container with our name on it to the laboratory.

She tells me she has been to Italy once: “Rimini” she says, and she asks me if I know where it is. Of course I know Rimini! And I add that even if the sea is not the best it’s a lot of fun. She agrees and tells me that having fun in life is important, and adds that she has also been to a place where you can see a represantion of Italy in a small plastic version and it’s cute because you can see all the monuments. I started thinking that Italy is actually small, compared to where I am now. Because where I am now is the whole world: I get a blood test in Poland, I cure my teeth in India, I eat in Italy, Mexico, Thailand, I run in Israel, I live between the French Caribbean and the American hipsters, I do my hair in Japan, I hang out in Holland, Italy, England, Korea, China and Venezuela, I go to the movies in France, I dance in Puerto Rico and Cuba. So I wonder how someone can even think about going back to a world that has just one sound and just one color. It wouldn’t be fun at all. And as the Polish lady from the lab said, having fun in life is important.

Pic by Brian Kyed


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